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My pets are just as important to me as those I show - in fact in my eyes they are all my pets.  However, I do not and will not  breed from any of our 'pet' or rescue pigs.

For 8 years we had tortoiseshell and white pets.  Henry - who was rather feisty, but oh so lovely, although the only boar I haven't been able to pair with another (not that we had many to choose from).  Lucy and Albert came from our local pet shop and we were told they 'starred' in Big Brother - the very first series.  However, never having had a television we had no way of verifying that fact. 

Henry & Lucy had four babies in May 1991, Gambit, Willow, Basil and Spike who went to live my friend down the road as a free range piggie.  He lived to the grand age of 6 1/2 years old.

Willow lived the longest but sadly died last summer.  She had a tumour, but died peacefully in my arms.

Princess is 'Peanut's' pet and he absolutely adores her.  She is also tortoiseshell and white but also has a crest, or 'crown' as Peanut calls it.  Princess is also our 'chirping'  pig and  can often be heard 'singing or chirping' in the caviary.

Peanut also has another pet 'Yeti' who is a crested, ridgeback Himalayan with eyebrows!

I have a soft spot for boars apart from four pet sows, the others are all boars.

William is our rescue piggie.  He is a tri-colour and a very big fellow.  His best friend is Pickles, who matches him in colour, but is an Abyssinian.  William and Pickles live in the conservatory just outside our kitchen so we can see and interact with them all the time.

A Tribute to William

Sadly William died Tuesday morning 21st October 2008.  He will be greatly missed by us all, especially Pickles.  They had the best pairing I have ever seen with two boars and shared everything.  I miss seeing his face looking at me every time I am in the kitchen.

Dougal is my Rex and he is very sweet and cuddly. He lives with Brian Widget (the Fidget). 
They are two of my 'Magic Roundabout' Boars

Pippa is my only Sheltie.   (I just had to have her as we have a sheltie dog!) She is absolutely beautiful. She lives with Princess, Bunty and Nina and definitely rules the roost!   (Sadly Pippa fell ill in May and died 24th May 2009, I so miss her lovely pretty face and cheeky behaviour)



Gentle Oliver, is another rescue piggie from the same place we got William.  He hasn't really got pink/red eyes, that is just the flash from the camera.  His coat is lovely and silky and soft and he is very sweet.  He also lives in the conservatory.  We are currently on the look out for a young friend for him.

19th March 2008, found a young friend for Oliver.  'Percy' is a black and white Coronet.  I think he is very sweet and fell in love with him.  Oliver seems quite happy with his new friend.

Sadly my sweet Oliver had a stroke 27th August 2009 and died the following day in my arms after a series of seizures.  This gorgeous pig will be sadly missed and was my favourite.  He had the most wonderful soft nature and was such a pretty pig.  I feel very lucky to have had him the last two years and can't imagine how anyone could have neglected him.  He was probably about four years old.  Goodbye my dear Oliver, you will be missed hugely.

I got given a lovely little cream satin sow from my friend on 13th December 2007.  I named this little sow when she was born just over six weeks ago, so it seems fate she has ended up with me.  Her ears are a bit wild at the moment but hopefully they will settle down soon.  She is quite a character and has settled in very well already.

As you can see her ears did come down!

You can't see me!

Another very special little fellow is 'Razzamajazz' who is a Lunkarya Cross.  He lives with Yeti in the conservatory.

Razz & his pal Yeti - as you can see very cheeky pair.

Dylan & Zebedee are another pair of my 'Magic Roundabout' boars.

March 2009:  Zebedee has gone to live with a lovely lady called Janet.

I mustn't forget Biscuit & Muffin who came from the rescue section of a pet shop.  They were 'supposed' to have been over a year old, but they certainly weren't much older than five months and have since grown to prove it.

One of my Abyssinian girls is very tiny and as such will be unbred from and remain with us.  We have called her Rosey (or as my husband calls her Little Rose) and her friend is the lovely Posey. 

Rosey and Posey

Not forgetting Snoopy (a rescue piggy) & Rupert


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