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New at Takaro Cavies is a small stud of Lunkarya. (The Lunkarya is pronounced 'lunka-ree-a')

They have been imported from Holland and France and have settled in really well.    I belong to the Lunkarya Breed Association and their website can be found at  This association was set up by a group of Lunkarya breeders in the UK to help promote the Lunkarya and provide a source of information to other cavy breeders.  There is also a forum dedicated to the Lunkarya breed for those interested in the breed to discuss their progress.

Information can also be found on the Rare Varieties Cavy Forum


Lunkarya Proposed Standard for the RVCC

Name: The original Lunkarya was the Peruvian breeding. There are two other variations the Lunkarya coronet & Lunkarya sheltie. They should instead use the breed suffix and the Lunkarya name be used to describe the original Peruvian model.
General Description: The Lunkarya gene is a dominant longhair rexoid gene that was discovered and developed in Sweden. It is different than the rexoid gene found in the alpaca, texel and merino. The Lunkarya have a coarse rough hair structure and a dense undercoat that distinguishes them from all other breeds. Because of the denseness of the coat the Lunkarya cannot be combed out and the coat does not lie flat against the body. The coat grows at the same speed and length as other standardised longhairs.

Head, Eyes and Ears: Head to be short & broad with good width to the muzzle. Eyes to be large, round & clear and of any colour. Ears to be large rose petal shaped, drooping, and should be level and wide set.

Body: Body shall be short and compact. As well as firm, fit and of good size appropriate to age.

Coat: Texture and density: The coat should be full, harsh and wavy with a dense undercoat. The coat should not be cut and be full and thick with a heavy consistency.

Coat chops, shoulders, sides and sweep: Shoulder and chops should match with the overall length of the coat and should continue from the sides The hair constituting the frontal shall be of good length and in harmony with shoulders and chops. Ideally the Lunkarya from above should form a circle with equal length of coat all over with an oval appearance

Rosettes: Lunkayra shall have 2 rosettes seated parallel & beside each other on the rump.

Belly: The belly should be curly, woolly and dense

Presentation: Cavy shall be muscular and solid. It should be presented clean and in full longhair condition according to its age, unmatted and on an appropriately sized board. There should be no central parting of the coat and the waveness/corkscrew pattern of the coat left in its natural state.

Faults: poor angular shoulders, flatness of the head, small ears, high ears, the coat lacks volume and/or vigour, coat matted, low rosettes or no rosettes on rump, short coat on shoulders and chops.

Disqualifications: shaved, trimmed or chewed coat, want of condition

Colours: Lunkarya may be shown in any colour, or mixture of colours

(I am very new to this breed and still learning, so if I have got anything wrong, then just let me know via email and I will amend.)

My stud of Lunkarya is very much a work in progress.  I have various colours although my focus will be on the Silver Agouti, however my main priority is to get to as close to the standard as possible of course.

Pictures of my Lunkarya's.

Below is a picture of Xena.

Grace Kind of Magic

When Grace arrived I discovered she was well over two years old, so I decided to not risk breeding from her.  She has such a lovely nature and is very suited to her name.  She is a very gentle 'Aunty' to any babies that come along.

Angel Face du Chateau de la Licorne

Beautiful Girl of Yarmidasplace (Hope)

Marinky's Valentin

Azzuro of Yarmidasplace

At the Norwich Show on 20th April I picked up this lovely Beige & White Lunkarya sow 'Duchess Beige Beauty' (otherwise known as Joy) from Pam of Moonshadow Cavies.

A few weeks ago I trimmed the lunka sows hair.  This is Joy several weeks later (10th July) - her coat has really grown since, shame I didn't take a photo after they had all been trimmed to show the contrast.


16th June 2008:  Today I had my first litter of Lunkarya born.  Xena gave birth to a lovely little sow 'Takaro Adelaide Eve'.

Xena x Valentine - born 16/06/2008

I don't have any other Lunkarya litters planned until after the summer as they have such thick coats I want to wait until cooler weather to breed from them.

My lovely new Lunkarya, with many thanks to Stella of Yarmidas Place.  Meet 'Evita'.


Litters Due:

Joy x Azzuro (due from 19th September 2008)

Went out this morning (19th September 2008) to find a lovely baby boar in Joy's hutch.  I didn't think she was very big, so wasn't surprised to find she only had one.  Currently has the name Axminster, as hubby thinks he looks like he has carpet stuck on him!


Evita has grown so fast it seems and is starting to look lovely.  12th August 2008, she is now ready to go in with Azzuro.  I will be looking forward to seeing what this lovely combination produce.

Evita x Azzuro (due from 22nd November 2008)

Evita had two babies sometime in the afternoon of 9th December. Aren't they lovely?! The Silver Agouti is a boar 'Takaro Alexander' and the Golden Agouti Tri is a sow 'Takaro Avalon'


To see how Takaro Alexander is doing check out the Show Results page

Angel x Valentin - baby boar 'Takaro Aurelius' born 18th December 2008

New Arrivals from Holland!

Thanks to another Lunkarya breeder who travelled to Holland on 17th June I've been fortunate enough to obtain four new Lunkarya.  The photos are from the breeders website, but I hope to update them soon.

Chinchi's Mason                         Chinchi's Kassidy

     5 months old red & white boar         7 months old silver agouti & white boar

15 months old red & white sow                14 months old red & white sow

Hope x Monty - two babies born 11th September 2009

Aramoana x Kassidy 3 babies born 28th November 2009 Two sows and one boar

Avalon x Kassidy 2 babies born 2nd December 2009 Two Sows

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