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I sometimes have Abyssinian and other stock for sale and when I have I will put the details on this page.

All my guinea pigs are pure-bred Abyssinians or Lunkarya unless otherwise stated. All my babies will be handled from birth and are for sale to loving homes only.

Visitors are welcome, by arrangement - please e-mail me if you have any questions about  stock availability or want to enquire about the guinea pigs I have for sale. Lorraine at  (substitute @ for'at' and remove spaces)

I sometimes have adult sows available to non-breeding pet homes.

I have several groups of retired sows and boars that need to find permanent homes.  I am only offering these cavies as I am having to have major surgery in the new year and will be unable to look after them for some time after surgery due to the extent of the recovery time it isn't fair on my family to also have to look after them. 

Please if you think you can offer this wonderful older pigs a loving and caring home please contact me.  I will update with photographs when I get a chance, or can send photos via email.


Group 1.

Four boars who live together happily.  One brindle Abyssinian, one tort & white Abyssinian, two Lunkarya boars.


Group 2.

Four boars who live together happily.  One black & white Peruvian, one Lunkarya, one brindle Abyssinian and one tort & white Abyssinian.


Group 3.

A group of six sows.  May be possible to split these girls up into either groups of two or three, but I would prefer not to.

One pervuvian, one Abyssinian, four Lunkarya sows.


Group 4.

Two bonded boars.






Please note: 

I will not sell to children under 18 unless accompanied by an adult who will ultimately be given responsibility for the care of the guinea pig.

I will not sell a guinea pig as a companion to rabbits - they can cause a lot of harm to a guinea pig and they also have different dietary requirements.

I will only sell in pairs or groups or a lone guinea pig as a companion to another guinea pig.

A pedigree will be given will all guinea pigs as well as a care sheet and a small bag of food.

I kindly request that anyone who buys a guinea pig from me and later finds they can no longer look after them, that they please return them to me to ensure they are not passed from pillar to post.



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