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Abyssinians have become my main stud. I just love their cheeky and inquisitive temperaments.

My founding stock consisted of a brindle boar and two brindle sows from Derek Pike.

This is my boar 'Bramble' - what a lovely cheeky face.


Below is my Brindle Sow 'Nutmeg'

On 3rd November I was very kindly given (from Simon Neesam) a new boar to add to my stud.  I am absolutely thrilled with him.  His name is Framlingham and he is a Blue Roan Aby.


Nutmeg had her babies on 4th December 2007.   This is my first Abyssinian litter. She had two, a sow and a boar - perfect!

Takaro Alice

Takaro Alice Growing up.

Takaro Owen

Takaro Owen growing up!

18th January 2008.

I have been lucky enough to finally get hold of a small tortoiseshell and white Abyssinian stud consisting of a pregnant sow, a young sow and two young boars.  I am very excited at the prospect of breeding these as my very first guinea pig was a tortoiseshell and white Abyssinian.

March 2008

I have some promising youngsters, Takaro Owen and Takaro Alice that I am looking forward to showing and the first outing for two of them will be 16th March at the Essex Show in Writtle.


Litters Due:

Jaffa (light brindle) x Framlingham (blue roan) (due from 12th January 2008)

Rosalind (strawberry roan) x Bramble (brindle) (due from 21st January 2008)

Rosalind finally littered early morning 6th April 2008 (It was snowing!)

Cheryl (Brindle) x Bramble (Brindle) (due from 25th February 2008)

Five lovely brindle babies born 6th March 2008

Jasmine (strawberry roan) x Bramble (brindle) (due from 27th February 2008)

This mating was unfortunately unsuccessful.  I strongly suspect Jasmine is infertile as this is the second time I have tried unsuccessfully to breed from her.  Will try one more time and then retire her.

Hazel (brindle) x Framlingham (blue roan) (due from 27th February 2008)

Hazel littered 29th March, late evening.  She had five babies, three sows and two boars.  They are lovely.

Nutmeg (brindle) x Bramble (brindle) due from 11th April 2008)

This is a repeat mating as Nutmeg and Bramble's first babies 'Alice' and 'Owen' are so lovely.

Well Nutmeg finally delivered two more lovely babies, a boar and a sow on 12th May 2008 I will probably be keeping both of these as they look very promising.

Jaffa (brindle) x Bramble (brindle) (due from 15th May 2008)

Jaffa had her babies early Tuesday morning 3rd June 2008 - four little boars.

Rosalind (Roan) x Bramble (Brindle) due 28th July 2008, littered 14th August 2008 - two boars.


Rory & Radcliff were Rosalind's last litter - she has now retired.

To see how Rory is progressing check out the Show Results page!

Would you believe it Jasmine is finally pregnant?! 

Jasmine (Strawberry Roan) x Bramble (Brindle) (due from 22nd September 2008)

Two lovely baby sows born to Jasmine 22nd September 2008!

Jennifer & Jessica

Sugar (Red & White) x Sonnet (Tort & White)

Three babies born 12th October 2008, 2 sows and a boar. The first two are almost all white!

The last little baby, very nearly didn't make it.  When I went out to them on Sunday morning, poor Sugar was in a right panic, and hadn't properly cleaned the babies up.  The all still had the sacks round their legs and the last little baby was stone cold.  I spent a long time rubbing the babies clean, especially the last little tort & white and put them all, including Sugar in a box with a hot wheaty bag and bought them inside.  She has now settled really well with them and being very attentive.  I discovered later that the little tort and white sow has a deformed front leg, but it doesn't seem to stop her getting around very quickly!  They have been named Oscar, Olive and Olga.

Update: 28th October 2008.  Two weeks on Olga's front leg is now completely normal and although originally the bigger of the three, she is now the smallest but seems to be rather a character so fingers crossed she will be fine.

Spice (Red & White) x Sonnet (Tort & White) due 28th November 2008

I was lucky enough to watch the birth of three babies born 26th November 2008, two sows and a boar, just like her sister Sugar!

Jasmine (Roan) x Bramble (Brindle)

Three roan baby boars born 9th January 2009. All three staying, from left to right - Jack, Sparrow & Captain (yes that's right - Captain, Jack, Sparrow!)

Takaro Ravenstock 'Raven' (Dark Brindle) x Bramble (Brindle)

Three lovely brindle babies born 19th January 2009 (Two boars, one sow) All three staying. 

This is my first brindle litter born from a sow I've bred. Takaro Royston, Russell & Rhea

Hazel (Brindle) x Bramble (Brindle) 

This litter has been due for a long time, and finally this morning I went out to find Hazel had given birth to two lovely brindle sows.
Takaro Helen & Harriet

Nutmeg x Bramble had one lovely baby boar born 1st April 2009 - Takaro Hans Solo

Scarlett (red) x Takaro Radcliff (roan) - 4 babies born 7th May 2009 (Three boars & one sow)
Takaro Rupert, Rascal, Red Robin & Rosalie)

Takaro Sugar (Red & white roan) x Derek (Tort & White)- 4 babies born 18th May 2009 (Three sows & one boar)
Takaro Wendy, Winifred, Wanda & Wilbur

Takaro Ravenscroft (brindle) x Theodore (brindle) - 6! babies born 29th May 2009 (Three sows & three boars)
Takaro Enid, Evelyn, Eleanor, Elmo, Ernie & Eric

Takaro Blossom (brindle) x Takaro Audley End (Brindle) -1 baby boar born 1st June 2009
Takaro Arthur

Ann (Tort & White) x Derek (Tort & White) - 2 babies (1 boar, 1 sow) born 10th August 2009

Takaro Storm (Blue Roan) x Theodore (Brindle) 4 babies (1 boar, 3 sows) born 30th August 2009

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