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Updated News for October 2011 at bottom of this page.

Hi, after some 16 years away from the Cavy fancy I have decided to return and re-establish a cavy stud.  When I first showed and bred cavies it was 12,000 miles away and before I even knew I could use a computer to do websites etc...  I produced all my pedigrees by hand and typewriter and then had them photocopied on to coloured paper.  Now it can all be done so much simpler and printed off 'just like that'!

I have kept cavies since I was about 7 years old.  My first guinea pig was a tortoiseshell and white Abyssinian called Sammy.  He was such a character and could also do tricks, (at least I thought he could at the time!).  I eventually moved on to breeding pets in my middle teens, and then started showing and breeding pedigrees in 1989.  I had Golden American Crested and Black and Chocolate Dutch and bred and showed under the name of Khrusos Cavies (meaning Gold) in New Zealand.   After a break of some years and a move to England I am now starting up a small stud of American Crested and Abyssinians, whilst still having a few pretty pets.  I also do some rescue work and occasionally have rescue pigs for re-homing.

I don't think I have ever had more than a few months without a guinea pig.  Once you have had these lovely little creatures as pets, I don't think you could ever do without.  Even my husband has agreed they are great pets, and has become quite attached to some.

March 2008 will see the arrival of a new block of hutches and an exciting new cavy project!

I try to update my website as often as I can so do check back to see what is new.  I rather like taking pictures of flowers and guinea pigs, so am often adding pictures.


September 2008

I was recently asked to do a display/presentation afternoon at our local vets opening day.  I took six guinea pigs, posters, leaflets and colouring in sheets and my 'room' was very popular all afternoon with both young and old having turns at holding and stroking the pigs.  The stars of the day were Owen & October, Biscuit and Muffin, Dougal and Brian Widget with Dougal being the firm favourite.

December 2008

I was asked to do a talk at a local school about care of guinea pigs.  My presentation was on the Animal Welfare Act and how it relates to guinea pigs including care, handling and feeding of them.  I took Dougal my Rex along for the children to see and handle as he always behaves himself like a gentleman and acts on cue!

This is something I would like to do more of.

I received a lovely email as feedback.

Dear Lorraine, thanks for that. Your presentation was first class today. The children were really buzzing and learned so much.
You went to so much trouble too, bringing all those extra props, it made it so interesting and informative.
I truly think the learning objective of teaching the children about good guinea pig welfare and care, was truly achieved.
Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.


February 2009

It is now seven weeks since my shoulder/arm operation and I am not healing as I had hoped.  Still experiencing lots of problems with my arm.  It is looking very much like I am going to have to cut down my numbers considerably as it is not fair on the boys to have to keep cleaning out for me.

March 2009

I've had a new shed built which will be for food & bedding supplies and for the indoor boarding hutches.  I'm also getting some new hutch blocks to make it easier for me to clean out.

June 2009 - New Hutch blocks arrived - see The Caviary  Plus some new Lunkarya arrivals from Holland!

September 2010 - I haven't done any showing or breeding this year due to continued problems with my shoulder/arm.  This has caused considerable changes in lifestyle.  I am hoping that I will be able to continue breeding and showing my cavies, but only time will tell at this stage. 

Updated News:

October 2011 - I am still suffering health problems and suffering from chronic pain and as such I have dramatically reduced my stock to just the 'retired & pensioner' piggies.  I haven't had any breeding stock since the beginning of the year.  I finally have a diagnosis which has come at somewhat of a shock and which unfortunately will require more major surgery in the new year so I am going to have to find homes for a few of the retired groups, in order to allow me to prepare for, and then recover from surgery.  I will continue with the boarding service I offer, although of course will be unable to offer any boarding during and immediately after surgery.  Will update with the dates when I know them.  Please check my Boarding page and For Sale page for cavies available to good homes.



Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms - George Eliot


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