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There will eventually be a collection of photos here of past and present piggies, show results and various other things I feel like posting



My first ever litter of black Dutch in NZ, in the late 1980s.

'Princess' My younger son's piggie

And a taste of New Zealand.


Flower Photography

Some flowers in our garden in April 2008

Cherry Tree blossoms 1st May 2008

The Garden in May


Wisteria in the conifer - just starting to flower.

This is my New Zealand 'Bottle Brush' to give me a taste of NZ.

Who said a thistle couldn't look good?  Just look at the colour of it - so pretty.

August 2008

This rose was found beside a canal we went walking along

Bracken in the woods.

September 2008

The Garden in October - Who would have thought we'd have snow?!

March 2009

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