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The perfect Golden American Crested is a sight to behold and the ultimate white crest the pride of those who breed them.  Some strike it lucky within the first litter or two, others it takes many attempts. 

I have a small 'family' of Golden American Crested cavies that I no longer breed from.

Wilma was my first sow in the UK and she has had two litters - she had six the first time and seven the second and they were all very big babies and as such I decided that she deserved a well earned early retirement.  She lives with her daughter Maisie who I decided not to breed from.  I also have her son October who has grown into a lovely big friendly boy and he lives with my Abyssinian boar Owen.  Sadly I decided to re-home Autumn, something I will always regret as in many ways he was my favourite.  You could say I was talked into it, although ultimately it was my decision even though at the time I had too much doubt, something I will not let happen again.

The photo below shows Wilma's first babies. They were born on 22nd October 2007.  Wilma had six 100g babies tucked inside that big tummy of hers!  Sadly only three survived.


Below are pictures of Wilma's litter at three weeks old. 


I also have Teddy, the father of Maisie, Autumn & October.  He is a lovely friendly boy who lives with Sir Thomas, my Black American Crested.

Their Dad

(Teddy & Sir Thomas went to live with a lovely young girl Lily just before Christmas 2008 and are being spoilt rotten!)

Here is a picture of Wilma's second litter.

Wilma had four chunky babies born 17th April 2008, three boars and a sow.

Proud Mum

(April 2009 - Wilma & her daughter Maisie have gone to a lovely new home to live)

Update:  September 2010.  Sadly I have only one remaining Golden American Crested - 'October Gold' who lives very happy with my Abyssinian boar Owen.


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