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Updated Boarding, About Me and For Sale October 2011

Hello and welcome to the world of cavies, or guinea pigs as they are better known by.

Takaro Cavies is a small stud of rather spoilt guinea pigs in Hertfordshire, England.

Just before our beloved Albert (apparently famous for his appearance in the very first Big Brother series) died I decided to finally do something about my longing to be involved in the cavy fancy again.  I had finally finished studying after about 7 years and wanted to have something much less stressful to do.  I initially started with a small stud of American Crested and Abyssinian Cavies. Several changes happened and I decided to focus purely on Abyssinians and the new and emerging breed Lunkarya.  This website is a story/diary of the growth of my hobby.

There is something quite satisfying and relaxing about listening to your piggies tucking into a feed of cut grass or carrots!

An autumnal picture of my Sheltie Pippa


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About Me: October 2011

Cavies: September 2010 - Various pages.

I will eventually get round to putting some of my favourite cavy sites here.


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